Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yummy Goodness Swap!!!!!

Okay so Sandy @ 521 Lake St Blog hosted a Valentine box swap. My partner was Lynne at Let me start off with WOW! You blew me away Lynne.  First the box arrived late Thursday night late. Steven found it on the porch at 4 am as he was leaving for work. I was concerned as well we have not had nice weather and it was cold out here.

I was so surprised to see it was filled to the brim.....
 Look at this...
 Here are the Yummy goodies...I adore junior mints, and the tea :)
My "box" was this lovely tin (this will be so handy to place my tatting thread in :)!!
 Chuck full of crafty goodness in all the shabby colors I love.
 So much fun to be had.....
  Two pieces of jewelry a necklace and a bracelet!
 It just kept coming, bits of handmade goodness and vintage fun
 Okay this is by far one of my fav's. A vintage baby planter (we are expecting out first grand baby this year!!!)
 Gorgeous seam binding, ribbons glitter a  "crown stamp" and more...
 Look at this lovely Tea cup!
 Lynne you made my week! It was better than Christmas. Thank You!
Wonderful, Wonderful!!!!!

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