Monday, April 13, 2009


Yes, I have now posted some artwork for sale on "Artfire". It is just a humble beginning. Please take a moment to stop in and check it out. You can scroll down to the right and click on my Artfire logo. It is a "work in progress" as I am new to the whole internet store experience. 
I have been asked about some of my work in the past and decided to see how serious people are about purchasing some of my work. So take a moment to see and let me know what you think.


Jolie Dennison said...

Congrats on your shop. Your work is gorgeous!

JillzWhimzy said...

Nice job love the colors in your pictures & the prints of the girls dresses. Good luck on your new venture. I added the RAK to my blog today & gave you credit (wink)

Her Art Nest said...

Great pics, Deb. Good luck on this new adventure! Congratulations! ~Nance

Renee said...

Deb I am thrilled and I just checked your site. I took my girl off the wall and showed her, her picture on the computer and she swooned.

It took a while to revive her and she has fallen in love with herself. There is a bit of narcissim going on I think. xoxo

Now don't forget the economy is tough so if things don't sell right away, it is not the art.

And the girl in blue, oh my God, I loved her.

Ciao darling friend.

Love Renee

p.s. How is Mr. Boo?