Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunny Day

What a nice sunny day out. Steve and I headed out to pick up some things at the store for dinner tomorrow. Even though my daughter Steph is in Ohio with her boyfriend,  Kim is house and pet sitting for her, and we haven't heard if our son John will be joining us, I am still making a ham. So I needed to buy a few things, then stop at the bead shop to buy a few blingy's for my project I am working on. I even stopped and bought a chocolate bunny (from Choo-choo Chocolates in Oxford) for each of them. I bought the smallest size this year, after all they are all grown, but my children are spoiled, and I would hear about it if I did nothing. I picked up "Peeps" for Steve (his favorite) and peanut butter eggs for John.  So I have to bag up their treats tonight.
While we were at the store I saw these pretty tulips. They were so pale and sweet I decided to treat myself and buy a bunch. I placed them in the turquoise vase Steph gave me. I set them on the counter in my kitchen to take a photo to share with you. I did paint the cups on the shelf above and the two crocks ( not the three stacked cups though).
Now back to my doll decision. I have been going back and forth all week. It has been hard because either the doll I wanted was out, or a pre-order. I really liked this doll his name is "Black Butler" I love his hair. He is my choice in the male dolls. You really can't tell on some of the male dolls if they are guy's or gals. Must be a Japanese/Anime thing? I have plastered his cute face to my wish list. I have thrown out the hint, we will see.
Here is what I finally "Pre-Ordered". Yep, I am getting "Mir". I just love her pale complexion and her beautiful garb. Now if I can just get my family to get me Butler?
I found her here and she is shipped from Chicago which is closer, also I found their shipping less and the dolls about $10.00 less on average :

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Pretty Things said...

I really hate when something I really want is out or for preorder -- I'm an instant gratification girl! But it's ALWAYS worth the wait!