Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day, Flea Market, and a Cold

I was sick Thursday when I came home from work. I felt it coming Wednesday night. The scratchy throat, the runny nose, I was getting a cold. It has been going around at work, Steve and Kim both had it. It has been a while since I had been sick with a cold. A woman I work with got a cold and wound up with bronchitis. I started taking my Echinacea and I made a pot of chicken soup. I spent Friday at home watching the free preview on Direct TV, while fading in and out of consciousness. Saturday was the headache and the chest pain from the coughing. I was determined though to celebrate Fathers Day. So Sunday morning off we went to Romeo. They have a new Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Steve wanted to check it out. Look at the haul I made there.... The aluminum tea set is for a gift. I have a friend that collects hammered aluminum. I am putting it away for her birthday, hmmm......maybe. A woman had a large jar of random things. Kim and I decided to split it and I found some great metal parts, more shell buttons, and metal buttons as well as odd bits of trim, seam tape, etc. There was a box with old books and an old sears catalog. The vintage hankies and the old gloves were a real deal, as well as a small bag of odd broken jewelry pieces... Here for you to use, is the cover of the ABC book I found. It is quite tattered and falling apart. I plan to scan each page. they are very nice etchings and aged that old yellow-brown. It was a nice Fathers Day out with our children. We met at the Flea Market, stopped at a stand for some fruit and flowers, then off for breakfast. After that we headed home to prepare bar-b-que ribs! Johnny surprised us and was waiting at the house for us. It was nice having everyone home. Stephanie and I looked up homes on the Internet. (She and Pat are house hunting.) So although I was sick with this darn chest cold, I managed to make it through. Steve found a couple train cars, Steph found a turquoise figure and a poodle pin, Kim a set of funky dishes, very 70's, yellow. Even though Steph and Pat had to leave a bit early, as she was working , we had a chance to visit with everyone for a bit which was nice. I know Steve enjoyed having everyone around and talking trains, cars, and music with his son. Not a bad Fathers Day.

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