Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Share

I thought I would snap some shots and share a few things in my collection. I "paint" china, and still I find myself gravitating to it when I see it at yard sales, shops, or flea markets. When I do purchase something, it tends to be of the hand-painted variety (the salt and pepper sets). Yet every now and again I will pick up a few pieces of china that have elaborate decal work, with some soft airbrushed color on it (the creamers). I even found the sweetest little chick in a wire basket. It is so tiny and delicate, and the small flower on the chick is precious. It is only about 1 3/4" across and maybe 2" tall. Making a wire weave basket this small must have been tedious work.
Steve, Kim, and I stopped today, after having had breakfast with our oldest daughter Stephanie, at a local fruit stand on the way back home. They had a tent in the back and were having a yard sale. Steve spotted these glasses and the Pitcher. He surprised me by purchasing them (they were very reasonable). Not necessarily an item I would have picked out for myself, but they are very nice and he liked them. Since they are fall colors, I think I will use them this fall on the front porch. I love to sit out there and read when it rains, or on cool breezy days. Did you notice the cute salt and pepper set beneath them that I found? They are Yorkies!
Here is a close up of the cute "Dorkie Yorkie's" salt and pepper set. They have little magnets in their mouths and they "kiss". They dark one reminds me of my Bailey, and the lighter one looks like my Cookie. (Sorry Nuala, they did not have a third one.)
I am off now to the grocery and then to get some housework done. the weekend has flown by and tomorrow it is back to work.


Rochelle said...

I just love those salt and pepper shakers...I have looked all over for yorkie statues and can't find any. Where did you find those cute things?!
Have a great day!

beedeebabee said...

What beautiful things! I really love that darling little chickie! Soooo cute! :o) Paulette

Joy said...

Those shakers are terrific!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what a great hubby. he definitely has super taste! and those yorkies and animal glass???? WOWZA!


Renee said...

Those Yorkies,the colours and the shapes are amazing.

Your painted china is so pretty Debra.

Love to you.

Renee xoxo

Terri said...

Once again you found some great treasures. The Yorkie salt and pepper shakers are just wonderful!