Saturday, August 29, 2009

Need we say more.

While I agree this video about teen foolishly texting while driving, they need to have one showing foolish adults doing the very same thing. This is very graphic, but powerful.


Terri said...

I've heard about this PSA ...I don't know if I can click on it yet to view it....You make a good point..they can keep on making this showing different types of people doing the very same thing.
Maybe they do have plans for that..we'll see.
Unfortunatelly it is the more youthful that are the ones that are going through the stage of feeling like nothing will happen to them...We just want people to be safe. Young and old a like.
Good for you for putting this up to help get the message out there.

Pretty Things said...

That was intense. My husband drives 140 miles round trip every day, and I worry not about his ability, but of those around him.