Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Share New Finds

Time to share a few items I have found. Not all of them today, but I have finally had a moment to take the photos and load them here. First I will share these two "metal" boxes. They are not large, but very detailed and are weighty for their size. Here is what the side of the green box looks like. I has a definite Asian feel. Maybe they were going for a "jade" effect? They are really quite pretty in person. The inside of the green one is wood and the off-white one is lined with brown velvet on the bottom. Inside the green box was this. Okay I was really happy to find all these crosses and the rosaries in the box. I cleaned them all up. Then I noticed something "odd" about this large crucifix. Did you see it? Have you ever seen this on a cross before? I haven't. I thought at first it might be a cross from a Priests rosary or one a nun might wear. It is a bit larger than the rosary crosses, but that little skull and cross bones under the feet freaked me out a bit. An old Ration Coupon folder and a little photo feature booklet called the Pilgrims Photo's. Here is what was inside the ration book folder (black). The coupons and purchase records for two people. I better hold on to these, with our economy I may need them. A glimpse at some of the images in the Pilgrim book. It is actually just a series of photos I think that were featured in a paper. Perhaps the book is sort of a way of highlighting a photographers work? I found this neat old ledger. Hardly used but has a nice aged looked to the paper. A nice "chippy" piece I found. I have a couple of these chippy faces taken from either furniture or a mantle? Not sure but they were too cool to pass up. I found these a couple weeks ago. I thought they might make nice Cloches? but now not so sure. Pieces of fabric and such I have collected. Trying to straighten up before I start again. I need to get busy on my Halloween trades. I found another suitcase to store more of my "stuff" in (the green one). Steve is convinced I am moving out. (I had to stop the celebration and tell him "no" I was moving more stuff in). One more thing, a site I found: Someone beat me to this.... You have to check out this site. I had a good time reading and now know I am not the only one out there who is left wondering about some of the things that people make. I have often run across some odd items that make me ask "What were they thinking?" or "Seriously, is there a market for this?" Check it out, "Craftastrophe", and have some fun. Who knows you may find that one-of-a-kind item for that special person, a birthday, anniversary, wedding?


Mikabella said...

Such lovely items! Just droped in but had to make a comment :) Waving from Sweden. Hej hej. :)

Mikabella said...

Haha fast answer! :) I have google translater in my blog if you want my blog in english :) I located i way down on the right side of the text ;) I will pop in again. So funny to see taht we have teh same background! Just noticed! :) Kram kram.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

the green box is gorgeous.
the crucifix would freak me out too. i hope you'll do some research on it. i'd be very curious.

i love the glass thingys and boy, would i love to spend a day with you!


Joy said...

Your chippy piece is lovely, and everything has my interest piqued.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Great finds!



Renee said...

I can't believe the rosary. You totally score when you to to these sales.

Love Renee xoxo

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

You found some really cool stuff ~ I really love beautiful crosses. I think the one you have there is from a German or Spanish rosary that would have been used by a clergyman. The skull and crossbone stands for "victory over death". It is very unique, and depending on the different features, it would depend on where and when it was made... It could be worth quite a bit. Here is some info that may help:

Good luck with the search, let us know what you find out.

Julie said...

Debra - First thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some Blog Lovin' - Lee is an amazing gal - don't you just love her and her work?

You hit the junkers jackpot with your latest finds - Like you, I would have totally carried these things home with me as well.

You have a great eye - thanks for sharing. I am really enjoying your blog. - Blessings - Julie

Pretty Things said...

You find the most amazing "stuff". I hope that when Rick and I take our anniversary trip to PA this fall, I can find some "stuff". I'm always envious when I got to blogs and see all these wonderful finds!

Ketutar said...

Interesting stuff you have found...
I think the green box is fake jade too... I wonder what they have had in it... perhaps biscuits?
I have seen skulls and crossbones on crucifi earlier. It's not that common though... and not very... nice. Makes me think of the bone "art" in some cloisters and so... Macabre in its very definition.
Oh dear... ratio books... Thankfully we don't have such anymore.
I love the face :-D Makes me smile :-)
About the glass cloches - I was thinking of something like this:
They look as if they used to be lamp cloches...
The suitcases are all nice :-)

Anyway, I just passed by to tell you I am thinking of you :-)

Now to craftastrophe :-)