Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reasons I should not be left alone in a "Stamp Show"

Here is it, the wreckage, from a day of crazy shopping at the Novi stamp show. I did my best to boost the economy with my own "stimulus" package. Sure I had a budget, (snicker-snicker), but like our government, I totally ran over it ( I wonder if I can get a loan from China?). I think my mind knows that I keep a reserve, for those pesky things like,... oh food and gas. (I guess nobody is eating at our house this week).
To Cliff at" Stamping Sensations", Jane, Kelly at "Our Daily Bread", and all the other vendors, Stampsmith, Stamp-la-Jolla, Stamp Camp, Lost Coast, Too Much Fun (got a great stamp there it says: "I laughed so hard, tears were running down my legs"), Stamping Fools (where I got the cutest Mermaid stamp), Thank You, we all had a ball. My sisters Kim and Cheryl, my good friend Terri, and I left with lots of goodies to play with.
Found these neat paper and sequin type flowers that you can put together to make pretty flowers for my work. I also found some neat packs of shiny-paper at the Paper-cuts booth. I made a card with some of the neat pre-cut cards they had.
I have a Love/Hate thing for Invoke Arts. I LOVE their stamps, I Hate that I can never get out of their booth without spending most of my budget there. In this years case almost all! Of course this booth and Ms. Paula Bests' booth vie for for my dollars. This year Invoke won, hands down.
Yeah and I also got these.....
One more item to mention.....
I won her giveaway and I am so excited about learning to "tat"! I was so excited to read this when I got home. I cannot wait! Please visit her site, she does the most beautiful work. You can visit her site here:
Thank You again "Ms. Tatting Chick" this was a great surprise and giveaway!


Terri said...

Ahhh it was a very fun after noon and after my nap today I have some what recooped from yesterdays activities. My budget was only 1 trillion dollars so I only went over by a little. What's another 300 million.

Congratulations on your win! Wohoo

The Victorian Parlor said...

Sounds like the stamp show was great fun! It's amazing how much money one can find in the grocery/gas fund-lol (I've borrowed from there before too:)!

Congrats on your win! I love the Tatting Chic blog-it always makes me smile:).



Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

ooooh how i wish i was there with you because tears would have definitely been running down my legs! bwwahhhahhhaaaa!

super great finds! give the family peanut butter & jelly for a week. they'll get over it!


tascha said...

Oh look at all those goodies! I am so jealous!
I bet you'll have lots of of fun playing with it all.

Her Art Nest said...

Looks like you guys found some great buys!! Hope you had a fun day. Hugs, Nance

Pretty Things said...

At least that looks like it was lighter to carry than my bags from bead shows! I just wish I knew how to use all the cool things you have there.

TattingChic said...

Thank you so much for the mention! I'm glad you are excited to have won the giveaway. I hope you got the book, shuttle, thread, and tatted heart okay and learn to tat sometime! Be sure to keep me posted.

Your new stampin' stuff looks totally fab. Did you know I am a total rubber stamp-a-holic, too? My rubber stamp collection rivals my tatting stash! LOL! It does! I haven't done much with it of late, but it's all very nicely organized and ready to go anytime the stamping bug bites me! LOL! Have fun with your new goodies (well, they're probably not so new by now).

~TattingChic ♥

I can't believe I just now heard of this post, LOL! It just showed up in my "google alerts" today! LOL!