Monday, September 14, 2009

All Four, hit the Door! Halloween Swaps are on their way!!!

Okay I am 99% packed, 50% loaded and ready to send, but most of all I am 100% poor. I had to sell the youngest child but it was worth it to get these babies on their way. As you see I have packed all the swaps in these stylish one-of-a-kind designer boxes courtesy of BK. For Renee my 13 Days Swap partner, a lovely box that once held yummy sausage patties, for Kristen, the Wicked Swap, a biscuit box. Dear Christine, Trick or Treat, will receive the Vanilla Shake mix and last but not least Shannon, Sinister and Sweet, scores with the largest box, "Tender-crisp Chicken Patties". Don't worry ladies the boxes were clean inside, but this ought to make for some interesting conversation with the neighbors. (Big Boxes = Lots of Goodies!), or not. We will have to wait and see!
So for Shannon, my Sinister and Sweet partner, here is a little "peek" at your goodies! They are in the mail today, and on their way to Ohio!
Okay so I was in a hurry, I cannot believe Shannon beat me sending out her package! Yeah but I had "4" of them so I should not feel too bad. Here you go Shannon this is all for you! I wish I had thought to take a pick before I wrapped. I hope you will like it all. (Well then put on your Witchy shoes and tap the heels together, "There's no swap like Sinister and Sweet")


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

boy i sure hope you got a great price for your first born. where can i sell mine? bwwwaaahhhaaaaa!


Shannon said...

I am now intrigued! BTW happy 2 year blogiversary!