Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where do I start?

I am so far behind.....I think I'm winning! Have you ever heard this? You let one thing go, and suddenly you have this giant pile of things you have not addressed. I want to say it has been crazy busy here, emphasis on the "crazy" part. My eldest is getting married and suddenly this sweet girl I knew has become the wedding crazy train! Wedding this, and wedding that, then why not buy a house and decide to move in one week also. While painting rooms (her father) and stripping wallpaper(me), packing and unpacking. Stop to go look at flowers (all day Wed and Fri), stop to try on dresses (all day Sat). To top it off I somehow became the designated chauffeur? It took me less than a week to start hating the word "wedding". You see she just got engaged the end of August and before we could draw our breath they decided on March, 2010, yeah 6 months from now. Which is fine if you plan on eloping, but a pain for wedding planning. Then throw in everyone involved and all the different stuff going on in my life, and well, I am lucky if I remember my name (although I sometimes would like to forget it and where I live). My youngest is in College and working now part time, our son John is also moving into his own place. My husband had to pick up Johns car last Friday, and put a new radiator in it for him, since he is working crazy hours and cannot make time to do it. This is in between been running to our daughters to paint on the weekends. Then we can start helping John paint the new place he is renting, and move him in. I started a sewing class on Thursdays (Steph and I had planned on doing this before the big wedding plans) and I am behind there too. I need to clean MY house and get painting and windows done here, but my life is not my own right now. Of course it was at this time I was signed up for 4 Halloween swaps, the Alice swap, the fan swap. Then my brother passed away last month, and we have been cleaning up and taking care of that. Yesterday was his 54th birthday and my sister and I spent it picking out his headstone. Which has been difficult for us to say the least. I feel bad for my sister too, because her daughter is getting married in 2011. Perhaps seeing her Aunt lose her mind will help her to decide to elope? So for those of you so patiently waiting for me to post I apologize. I did not mean to neglect or ignore. Some I think I did email or mention but to be honest I just cannot remember so I will start here...... Lori Anderson from Pretty Things sent me this fabulous charm pendant. I had made my charms for the swap and she asked about them. I sent her one and look at what she sent me. She put it together and it is so pretty. I am so flattered and thrilled to have some of her work. Again Thank You Lori.... Then there was Sweet Sweet Renee of The Chateau de Remnants. She sent me this wonderful "Pick-me-up" package after my brother passed. I love the hankie, all the little bits and the lovely card. (I had to put some things in the little bag so I could re-create the package for the photo). You were so kind to send me this. I Thank You! To Joy Northrup or Joy to the Blog, for the lovely card and wonderful ATC she sent when I guess correctly on her blog. She had a piercing on the little bump in her ear . Joy has been doing a lot of "extra" work in movies around Michigan. I am going to be looking for her now! Joy Thank you for the lovely ATC. (I kept the card and envie, it was very nice,and the ATC has been on my mobile over my computer) Then I have to mention that I have received 3 of my tags so far from Terri's (Terri's Blooming Ideas) Alice Swap. The Red Queen is mine, the Sassy Cheshire Cat is from Terri (ps thanks for adding the extra bling I requested, you spoil me), the Caterpillar is from Becky Loyall (Whimsical Musings), and last but not least is the Queen of Hearts from Rebecca Allinson (Sugar and Spice Confections). FINALLY! Today I received more "Good Stuff", My 13 Days of Halloween exchange arrived today!!!!! All these goodies are for ME!!!!! I can't open them until October 19th, then one a day until the big day HALLOWEEN!!!!! From my swap partner Renee of The Chateau of Remnants. It will be hard... but I can do it. Of course I will have to keep an eye on Bailey, my Yorkie, he loves to open presents, yeah he might do something bad, yeah I don't know about him, he is sneaky ... I will have to watch him. (Hey that's my story and I am sticking to it). So this catches me up for now. I want to say a big thank you, I have been very fortunate to have met some great people through this blog, and through theirs. Please bare with me for the next few months. You may want to start looking for me on the 11:00 news....... I'll be the crazy one throwing cupcakes from the top of the church, or perhaps doing a Thelma minus Louise in the wedding limo. Oh and no, I did not forget......Steven (drum roll here) pick a name out of the hat for the winner of my Blog-a-versary please.......... That would be "Nancy VanHoose". Yep Nancy I will be putting together some alterable goodies for you. Thanks to all my commenter's, to those who chose to follow (please stick around) I appreciate your comments and especially your company.


Elaine At Home said...

Boy can I relate to the craziness of wedding plans. My daughter just got married in June. It was so crazy at times, I felt like it was my wedding. I ran around everyday like a mad woman because my daughter was at work so I helped her. I had the bridal shower as well. It really is very, very stressful. In the end, it is appreciated, and all goes well. If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.
By the way, I have a son John too!
My tags are ready to get mailed. I had the Mad Hatter for Terri's swap. It is so much fun. Take care, Elaine
I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved brother, please accept my sympathies.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

call the BRIDEZILLA show and get her on there - bwwwaaahhhaaaahhhaaaa!!!!

you poor thing. why do you have to do all that work?????? isn't she having a bridal party? can't they pitch in?

super goodies you got there too!

anyway, you are missed, and i am prayin' for ya! hang tight!


Renee said...

Seriously Debra my head is spinning. Holy crap have you ever got a lot on your plate.

Go, go go go go go go........

Okay, now just relax for the rest of the day.

Love you dear friend.

Renee xoxoxo

Terri said...

Well, we can only do so much and you have had a full plate lately with an over flow.

Congratulations to Nancy for being the winner of your blog-versary.

Terry Pitzel said...

Hi I tried to email you about sending out your tag, but it came back to me. But I sent the dormouse tag to you. Let me know when you get it.

Nora said...

Good grief! September must have been "that kind of month" for all of us. I didn't have wedding plans to toss into the mix (PTL) but I can say with all the love in my heart "I FEEL YOUR PAIN, GF!" (we had 2 funerals at the beginning of the month - DH lost his grandmother AND younger sister a week apart from each other - their b-days are in November)

Here's hoping we ALL have a better October & congrats to Nancy on winning the yummies!

Elaine At Home said...


Hi, just wanted to let you know that I received your tag yesterday. Gosh, it is beautiful. You are so talented. I just love everything about it. Thanks so much for sending me such a beautiful piece of art that you made.

Her Art Nest said...

Hi Deb, I am excited about this wonderful win, but more importantly, I hope you can take a deep breath to relax a bit. I thank you so much for continual generosity towards me. You are such a sweet friend and devoted Mom. Wedding planning is to say the least stressful! Something snaps in daughters when that engagement ring appears on their finger. Deb, whenever you get a chance to put together a surprise for me is fine. You are the best!
Hugs, Nance

Renee said...

Thank you for the beautiful card dear friend.


Pretty Things said...

Hi there! I hope all is better and I'm thinking of you!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Goodness, girl! Things have been a whirlwind for you! I can only imagine the wedding thing... take a deep breath! Enjoy all of the fall goodies.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi, so glad you came by and signed up for the give-away. Sounds like you need a couple of clones to be able to get everything done! It will be worth it all once it's done, but whew the process is tough!
I lost my brother several years ago, he was only 44. It's so hard, my sympathy to you.
Take care and visit when you can!

Renee said...

Debra you can totally prepay for a funeral here too if you want and it will lock in the price.

I just don't want to, because I feel I may change my mind and every year I do.

Jacquie, well, it is hard.

Love Renee xoxo