Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wicked Swap Received!!!!!

Yes! the first of the four swaps have been delivered and received by my swap partner. My partner for the "Wicked Swap was Kristen Thomas. Today she e-mailed me that it arrived. Thanks to the tracking I had on the package I knew she had received it, but am always so appreciative of hearing from the recipient. After all almost as fun as receiving a package is knowing the person loved what you sent. Thanks Kristen for being such a responsive partner. Now I wait anxiously for mine! I don't know if I can handle the suspense!
I want to thank and acknowledge Kirsti for the great images. Using a little little photo shop I was able to make this "Witches Journal" for Kristen. Here she can pencil in her most diabolical recipes and decadent spells for yummy things.
Some of the fabulous frightful goodies I sent. A decorated party cup full of candy, two spooky pencils to go with the notebook, a Witches sign, a picture of a found relative (who happens to be from Salem), a Boo Banner with lovely day of the dead details, a potion bottle, some tags, a metal sign (good witch or bad?), a flocked spider, a glittered star, two vintage inspired chenille Halloween figures, and what you do not see is the large glittered skull with the witch fairy on it. Oh and did I mention more candy? That too.
Not the best photos, but I was working on the four swaps at once, and did not think to take a lot of individual swap photos. So you may be able to see all later as Kristen has said she will post the photos she takes. This was the first of the four to safely arrive. Although it will not be the last, you won't see the others until some time in October. The next to arrive and be opened should be the Sinister and Sweet. I think she can open that right away, but we will have to wait on the 13 Days and the Trick or Treat Swap!


Christine Edwards said...

What a lovely swap package you sent. Your box arrived today! Thanks so much. Looking forward to some trick 'r treat fun.

Pretty Things said...

I LOVE her!