Friday, December 25, 2009

Hear, Speak, and See.......

This Christmas was quiet, and while I missed the old, I made the most of the new. Our son John showed up unexpectedly Thursday night, after work. He wanted to spend time with us is what he said. It was good to see him. He did his laundry and we visited, talked about Stephen Kings new book (John and I both love them) and watched Harry Potter. Kim was home from work at 6:00, and visited with us before leaving for her boyfriends. Steph and Pat called and asked us to come over Pat's parents, but I had already showered and reserved Harry Potter so we chose to stay home.
Christmas morning was quiet and we slept in. Kim received a re-built bike from Mike, and they took a ride (yes, in the rain). I made a breakfast for us then Steph and Pat came over and we opened our gifts. There wasn't much to open, but everyone was happy and seemed pleased with what they received. Steve and I though received the best gift of the lot. You see they had all met and had photos taken. Yes even Pat, Stephs fiance joined in (I will post that one later). I think it was great that they did this for us. I also like that they really hammed it up this time and had fun. The photo above is one of my favorites. Let me introduce you: John, hear no evil (he is the bass player in a rock band called "Seasons of Eden" look for their CD, and on the RIF), Then there is Kimberly, our youngest, speak no evil (my hippie, go green, save the planet, peace child), and Stephanie our oldest, see no evil (our own "Dog Whisperer" and animal rights champion).
This is the second time, the last was over five years ago, that they have done this. The first time I cried. You see, my children are like me, I don't like to take pictures. I do not photograph well and frankly I have yet to see any pictures of me I care for. It seems my children feel the same way (except for Kim, who seems to actually like's having her photo taken. She doesn't mind and always looks good in them). Although they always look good in their pictures, we all share an aversion to picture taking. Since I feel this way I have always respected my children's right to just say no.
The fact that they went and spent a day posing, picking out frames and then presenting us with these pictures mean more than words can say.
John and Steph like to wear black, that one in the middle, well not as much (she says she did not get the memo). I like the contrast, and can't help thinking what beautiful people they are, inside and out.
The photographer who took the pictures is a friend of my son's who will be taking Stephs wedding photos. She did a great job.


Terri said...

The Photo is fantastic...What a fun & thoughtful thing to do for you and Steve. Priceless.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

sounds like a fabulous christmas! and such beatiful kids!


Renee said...

First off love the picture. Totally digging it.

I would have cried what a thoughtful and loving gift.

Merry Christmas darling.

Love Renee xoxo


Sounds like you had a lovely, special Christmas. Best gift ever to receive for Christmas are our children being with us, second one is photo's of them. Love the photo , so cool. HAPPY NEW YEAR!