Thursday, November 21, 2013

Secret Shuttle Exchange Arrived!

Okay not the best photo, but I could not wait to share my package from Maria in Portugal. I participated in  Secret Shuttle exchange. Believe it or not that was on October 21 almost a month ago to the day. I honestly though the post office walked it here from there.

Still I was so happy to get it and my how generous and clever Maria was. The shuttle which she decorated was in the cute little case she made from plastic shopping bags. Wow it is very nice and a nice way to carry my shuttles (I am a bit envious, they have "gold" shopping bags LOL). They sweet key chain was made from coffee or creamer containers and manipulated to make a star or flower pattern, a very Eco-friendly gift. A nice bookmark that tells of a Portuguese legend of a rooster, and a whole ball of the prettiest lavender thread. I have not used it yet but am searching for a pattern to try.

You were very generous Maria and a very talented lady. I was truly lucky to have you as my secret partner. Thank you again. (Also thank you Aileen for hosting)


Michelle said...

What a wonderful package! The bag is made out of gold shopping bags? Really? You've got to do another picture! And the keychain-my sister does the Keurig stuff and wishes there were a way to repurpose those cups, does it seem transferable to those?

Terri said...

I'm so please you package finally arrived. Maria sent such lovely things from Portugal. Nice to have a good swap partner.

Stef H said...

glad you stopped by. i'm sure i'll be sorry to downsize. i LOVE the openness and roominess of my house but between a mortgage and lot rent... and no pension increase in 7 yrs... i'm barely getting by. things are tight but not desparate. i'll be staying local as i'm active and just love my church.

no. don't skype. but good to know all is well with you. hope your holidays are fabulous!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How wonderful! It is always fun to get things like this!

Jane McLellan said...

Lovely parcel, and I'm a great fan of recycling. I have, I hope, fixed the link to the gloves pattern, please do try again. Thanks for letting me know!

Sandy McClay said...

I need your email address please for the swap!


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Hello Debra! I guess this is your newest post, soI'll post here Iin hopes you see it.

Sue paired us as partners in her Valentine Spoolie swap. My email is on my blog, so I'll wait to hear from you. Excited about this fun swap & nice to meet you. Pam