Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Still at It

Yes, I am still tatting. I have completed the bag and even a few doilies. I have no teacher. Just a lot of You-tube and books. Although there have been some very nice ladies and blogs that have shared a lot of info. As always I was a bit surprised to find so many. Some very talented people both men and women, and all the beautiful tatting. I just wish I knew someone near me that taught it. For the time being I will plug along learning on my own. Hoping I am doing it right. I am trying my hand at an edging. This pattern from Jan Stawasz' book Tatted Treasures. It is the edging for a cap. The book has some fabulous work in it. Too bad for me it's all in Polish. Although the diagrams are there it isn't always clear,  I might have to guess on some of the repeats for a couple of the project. The photos of his work though are worth the price of the book alone.

I purchased some thread at a flea market to use for practice. Love this beige-tan thread, I think its a 20 thickness, nice and firm, not fuzzy like the white, very nice to use. The white however is thicker (maybe a 10) and although it is pretty next to the tan thread it's like using yarn. I doubt I will use it again (for tatting that is).

See my little snowflake in the box? That was done with size 80 thread. It was quite a difference, but I find I really prefer the thinner thread. So far I favor size 40 and 20 (20 being thicker, the larger the number the thinner the thread)

I have had to stop though and get crack-a-lackin on some soldering. So this will only get my attention when I get to watch my television (Friday night - Grimm and Dracula, yeah!). It has been hard though because once I start I do not want to stop until I see it complete.


Michelle said...

It sure looks like you're doing very well without a teacher! I agree with you about thread, I used 80 for the first 25 years or so but I have appreciation for the larger sizes too-bigger product for the same amount of time!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Tatting is such a beautiful art! Your work is lovely!

Stef H said...

well look at you! how gorgeous is this! and how the heck are ya? nice to finally receive notice that you posted something. darn blogs!

not much going on here other than i have my house up for sale. time to downsize. don't expect anything tho til the spring... which is ok because i'm not in a rush.

hope your holidays are totally awesome. believe it or not.. you DO pop into my mind now and then!

big hugs sunshine!