Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Really Bad Photo's.....

Okay here are two new "petite dolls" I just finished up. I should mention here that "my" camera is in for repairs (incident involving taking pictures outside, dropping, lens problems, etc., not good). The thing is I bought it from Circuit City, and I procrastinated (it's what I do) about it because I thought, "I have time, and it's under warranty, I'll just go in and get it repaired or replaced next week", which of course turned out to be two (or three) weeks later. Then on the 16th, I hear they are kaput! going out of business. Well it took me day's to finally reach the warranty people, all their websites and phone numbers just display an apology or are disconnected. Finally after having to travel out to one of the remaining stores in Sterling Heights I was told they could not help me. Instead they gave me a letter with a series of contact numbers for the warranties. So if you don't know who to call, just ask me, I have the numbers for Small Electronics, TV's, and Computer equipment. In the end I did reach a nice man named Larry, he sent a pick-up box for the camera. Since it was 2005 and they do not make it anymore,and the damage may be too severe to fix, they may call about a "replacement". I did tell Larry I would rather get a check and choose my own camera. We will have to see, I have not had a call yet. To get these pictures I had to get the old (2001-02) Sony Mavica out. This old Camera takes "floppy disc's". Steve uses it for taking photos of his trains and he likes it. The other problem is my new computer doesn't take floppy's, and my old one isn't happy about them either. I did manage to get a few shots downloaded though. I just wanted to update my blog and it may be a while before I can take a decent picture (okay Nancy, you can stop laughing here, just because you know I take crappy photos anyway no matter what I use..I know, I know). So this is my first little gal....... Here is the full panel, bad photo's yes..... really, your going to have to trust me here the colors are much better than they appear in the photo's. It is mostly a very soft blue. The next one is mostly soft greens, again I am sorry about the poor photo's.... Here is the whole panel, taken in breathtaking "crap-o-vision". (It's bad, you can say it aloud, you would not be telling me anything I didn't know) I am hoping that I either get my camera or a check soon, although it wouldn't necessarily guarantee the pictures would be any better. What I really need is a class, no, several classes, no, I really need a photographer!! These are so bad, I may delete this post later. For now this will have to do.


Terri said...

So Sweet!
I think these are my favorite so far! Hmmm could it be because they each have a kitty? I really look forward to seeing them in person. Even with the less than wonderful photos as you say . It looks like the faces have that cetain glow you aim for!

Renee said...


Totally do not delete these.

Your girls are so beautiful, and honestly it has just made my day by looking at them. I love them.

Love Renee

Renee said...

Debra, I just checked your blog again, where the heck do you sell your art?

Love Renee

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Oh, I do love the girls! So sweet and winsome!

faerie enchantment said...

These photos of this painting are perfect, she reminds me of a character straight from Wonderland!

Magic and Joy!

Roberta said...

They are soooooooo cute! Really nice work, love them both!

Kim said...

Crap-o-vision , lol? Wish I'd thought of that *cough*.
I think the girl's look awesome myself - if you're not happy they must be something else in real!
You've got a great blog - I've never been here before. Think I'm going to add you in at my place :)
off I go.

The Feathered Nest said...

What beautiful artwork Debra! I love their wonderful faces ~ thank you so much for visiting my blog, yes, the egg print was already on the book box when my son gave it to me, cool, huh? I know what you mean about matte gel medium getting tacky very quickly...the Golden brand dries almost too fast for me, I find myself having to add water to thin it abit and prolong the drying time a few seconds! I love the Liquitex brand the best. I do usually put a coat of the medium over top of my work except when I've printed the image out of my printer...the ink ends up smearing. I hope you have a wonderful day Debra! xxoo, Dawn

Renee said...

I just came over to look at my little girl and guess what, whe looks, if you can believe it, a million times better on my wall.

I love her Debra.

I just asked her if she wanted a cup of tea and she said yes.


Love Renee