Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow-Globes

Our ARt Group meets this month and our challenge (other than make it through all the snowfall in Michigan, and stay warm) was to make a snow-globe form, the theme being, what else.....snow. After running through many different ideas I went with this. Why? because someone said they had to stand up (I won't mention any names here, Terri). Well up until then I was thinking shaker box, card, etc. So there I was, what to do, what to do...... Then while looking around my craft room I saw the "welcome wishers" we did a few months back and with the help of my new nestabilities, I made these. Yes, I was happy, and so was Vicky who immediately seized on the idea and copied me!


Viola said...

How wonderful! Great work, Debra!

Terri said...

Hey,I'm happy to help. Yours are beautiful! Fantastic!

Now you know I didn't say they HAD to stand...I simply said it would be nice if they did and that was what I was going to do mine that way.

Any one reading this has to know we have a sense of humor in our group.

Michele said...

They come back?!! I think I got another grey hair from your comment yesterday! Thanks for visiting me on my big, bloggy day!

Renee said...

Debra, I love these. You have a wonderful blog. xoxo


Renee said...

Debra: thank you for your comments. I do believe it to be true.

We have even more things in common. The pain of seeing our children suffer. My oldest daughter Angelique had Lupus which has seriously affected her kidneys and when she was around 22 she had to undergo chemo for 3 years. Her kidneys works at 40% now but she is doing amazing.

I am so over the moon for your son because when I see young people at the hospital every week I want to scream and I think that really gets me down too.

But I am on the upswing now.

p.s. Your art is beautiful.

Love Renee

faerie enchantment said...

These are beautiful!
You are so talented!

Magic and Joy!

Kris Dickinson said...

These are really amazing! SO wonderful!

Ketutar said...

Ingenious! Great idea and so well done.
I'd never come up with anything like this :-)