Monday, March 16, 2009

A Surprise Visitor

A package arrived. It was placed on my table. It had been carefully addressed to Ms. Debra Abel. I opened it up and said  "Who might you be?".  The cute little rabbit just sat silently. Not a sound did she make, yet on her dress I did see, a prize winning ribbon that just said "Bunny". "Welcome Bunny" said I, "do come in, sit with me.  I will put on the kettle, and we will have tea. Now where have I seen you? Ah yes, I recall, your Sweet Sarah Spring Bunny, I remember it all."  I had been to the PFATT Marketplace shopping one day, and entered to win on their "give-away".  All the prizes were lovely, and my chances were slim, but I was so very lucky, to win you "Sweet Sarah", from the artist, Kaf Grimm!!!!
I poured tea for Sarah, "A cookie? I ask",  then "Surprise" Sarah says, as she pulls off her mask. Well your was not really a bunny, just disguising as one.  A sweet little girl dressed up for Spring fun.   
The End
This little lady is so beautiful, and well made. Believe me when I tell you all that the pictures do not do justice to the talent that made this piece. She sits now in my craft room where she keeps me company and I can admire here every day. Please readers, go check out the work of all the talented artists at the PHATT Marketplace  and be sure to check our Kathleens (Kaf) blog
Thank You, Thank You, Kathleen Grimm. She is wonderful !


Primitive Folk Art Tea & Talk said...

Hi Debra! You are so lucky to have won Kaf's little sweety! And even sweeter to post it here on your blog.

I did a post on the PFATT blog to try to explain the difference between PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Talk & Tea) the eBay group and PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Trinkets & Treasures) Marketplace. I know it's confusing to people.

Thank you for stopping by and signing up for our group giveaway and please stop back again!

Renee said...

Debra I love her and I especially love her bunny mask.

I am alive, you are right.


Love Renee

Kathleen A Foley Grimm 'KAF' said...

Oh, she looks so happy sitting there keeeping you company in your craft room.

Thanks so much for your sweet words. And thank U for joining in on our PFATT EBAY GROUP Giveawy.

Have a wonderrful day!!

Her Art Nest said...

Glad to see your bunny masked doll in person. She is so sweet! ~Nance

Renee said...

I went to this site Deb and I love it too. I love the little rabbit mask.

How are you doing darling. Do you still have snow.

Love Renee xoxoxo

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog giveaway! So nice to meet you!


Renee said...

I love food. I only get corned beef in a store to make a sandwich and it always has lines running through it. gross.

Yours sound delicious. Once again, I love food.

I love carrots too. Okay, what don't you like about them, after all they are orange.

Love Renee xoxoxo