Monday, March 2, 2009

Treasures, Prizes, and Fun, Oh My!

Here it is! My prize, and a few nice things. I entered, oh, maybe half of all 900 giveaways on the OWOH posts. I was picked three times. I received my prize from "Riley Coyote Creations". It is the very lovely domino charm necklace. I have to tell you the piece is so much prettier in person. The finish and quality is impeccable. Deirdre, I will share that I was born on the 8th, and the card with the number 8, was a very coincidental choice, I loved it. As you can see I have not removed it from the card yet, as I am relishing my win.

I delayed posting because I was waiting for the other items to arrive but as of yet nothing has appeared. I just could not wait any longer. I did send her an e-mail to thank her when it arrived, but foolishly waited to post, sorry Deirdre. I am asking all of you to go and check out her e-bay shop. They are so well done, I know you will all want one (

The other items, well ,they are just thoughtful gifts from two very sweet ladies. Jodie at "Everything's Vintage" (check out her link on my blog), had a giveaway. I entered, ...and lost. Lost? So what's with the pretty personalized bookmark? It seems that Jodie has a very giving heart (and thank goodness for me, not a ton of entries for the giveaway), so she decided everyone should be a winner. She made each of the entries one of these. It has never been much fun to lose, but Jodie sure made me feel like a winner. I haven't the heart to place it is a book where I would not be able to see it. I keep it on a shelf with my artwork from my group, and take every opportunity to show it off.

Last, but certainly not least is the wonderful Anne Murray CD. It was a nice surprise from dear Renee at "Circling My Head" (link in my blog list). She is an amazing spirited woman battling cancer, managing to keep her head up, and inspire others. I stumbled upon her blog and have been hooked ever since. She has bestowed many a kind, and understanding comment on my blog. My first visit to her blog she seemed to be having a "blue" day. I immediately wanted to do something. I sent her a little something, hoping to add a smile and some cheer (who does not like a nice surprise in the mail?), I wanted nothing in return except to make her smile.

She really surprised me with the CD. Having had a particularly rough week, and coming home from an errand for my sister, I was greeted by Steven with "What did you order from Canada?" I went over to look at what he was holding and saw Renee's name on the return. I opened it and the lovely card (lots of "glitter" so me), and of course ran up to my work room to e-mail her , and play the CD. Oh, and yes Renee, I was smiling for the rest of the weekend!

I thank each of these ladies, and treasure the time they took to make my day!


Linda said...

What fun things you won!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree with you on the flax seeds and oil ... we sometimes use this instead of the fish oil.
Love your cute blog ... I'll stop by again!

Terri said...

Now that's a thoughtfully written "Thank You".
I can feel your appreciation.

faerie enchantment said...

What a treasure trove of wonderful goodies, congrats to you!

Also the carnival is going all day and night for all to join in on the fun!

Have a wonderful day!

Renee said...

See how beautifully you thank us. Now this has made me feel good and will make me feel good all day.

The one thing about being raised Catholic for me and being raised by my parents was that God is peace and love and not judgemental and that Jesus wanted us to love and treat others the way we want to be treated.


Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

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Jodie LeJeune said...

Debra! Thanks for the sweet words!!! I'm catching up on favorite blogs as I have been VERY busy and out most of the week so far. It was a sweet surprise to see all of your little goodies (which I love them all), including the bookmark I made! Now, don't forget to take it OUT of the paper doilie and use it okay?? It was only for the wrapping! (some of the girls didn't want to unwrap it!) Thanks again for the sweet words and the link!
everything vintage

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Pretty gifts! I have "A Present" pink cup very similar to that one!
Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments on my romantic bathroom photos. I bought that little eggie soap in Colorado this past summer. I have seen jars of them online and always wanted one, so now I have ONE. :)