Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy Friday..... finishing up.

I have belonged to the Yahoo Group, Michigan AB , for some time. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary and  one of the Hostesses,           Corinne
has decided to put together a commemorative book together. She has called out to all members to join and I think at last count there were 140+ participants. This is the page I am submitting. I made one original for me and one for Corinne, the other members will receive copies. It is a big project and Corinne is doing all this work as a "gift" to us. Thank You so much Corinne. I hope you like my page, I cannot wait to see the book!
Here are some other things I have been fiddling with. While I cannot yet share with you the tags I made for the Marie Antoinette Tag Swap,(although you can see the corner of one in the picture, my bad), I can show you some of the projects I have been working on.
Do you remember a few months ago my dear friend in Tennessee, Cathy Teller, sent me a box of lace bits and goodies from her Mom and her? Well I finally finished these little gifts for them. They are fabric collage folders. Using coffee stained fabric, silk flowers, ribbon, and a transfer image. I even found a pin for each. For Cathy I found a pin made from a piece of China. She is a fabulous China Painter and I thought she would love this pretty recycled pin. For her Mother a pretty golden Rose.
I placed some "handmade" cards inside. I made this thinking she could put her cards for each month in here ready to mail. She could also place hankies, photos, or anything she likes in them. I put a couple hankies in the smaller one for Cathy's Mom.
So now off to mail all these goodies to their new homes. It feels so good to get things done. I still have to dress my doll for the exchange I am doing for a Doll Group. I love making these things and sending them off but the real fun for me comes when the person receives them and it brings a smile to their face and some joy to their day!


Her Art Nest said...

Hi Deb,
Great job on the page for Corine. My you have to make 140+ copies?! I love the summer feel of your artwork! Beautiful. ~Nan

Terri said...

You sure did have a productive day!What a great feeling of accomplishment. Been period sick all week... so as you know....I do nothing. Maybe I'll get my tags ready to go tomorrow.
I'm sure they'll love your page for the book. And Cathy will appreciate what you made for her and her mom. Sweet!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

What lovely projects! I received the Marie Antoinette tag from you today, and I love it. What attention to detail. Thank you!! :)