Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The True Face of Evil.....

I met a lady at a local market, She makes homemade donuts. All manner of yummy decedent goodness, that a "healthy and fit" person would avoid. I was good......... I was, (okay stop laughing now), until I saw these.... Yes she had creme and custard filled "Long Johns". Sure Steven could have held me back, told me "No, don't do it Deb, don't give in to the fresh donut pastry with its light and airy creme filling. No, resist the Chocolate topping that beckons with it's just baked aroma". He could have said it........ I might have listened. Instead he said "I want one with Custard" Say hello to my little friend........ I had to eat this in two stages. It is big, and the donut is soft and the creme is so light.... there it is people. I have to tell you this puppy has all over Krispy Creme (at least that is may opinion, but then I have only had them twice). I am so glad I do not have access to these on a regular basis, it could get ugly. What am I saying, it already is.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Yummmmm!!! That looks so good! It is important to remember that we have no guarentees for tomorrow so one should always indulge in such delicious goodies when given the opportunity-lol(well that's my philosophy and I'm stickin' to it:)!



Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i can't stand krispy kreme! it's fresh or dunkin' donuts for me! my hubby is a diabetic and every time he gets near a bakery, he comes out with 6 donuts - and i wonder why i can't lose weight!

i hope you sat back, put you feet up, closed your eyes and THEN bit into this scrumptious, delicious, fabulously soft decadent long john. better than sex eh? well, i used to have a saying that went..... "ALMOST as good as....."


Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Oh my, indeed the true face of evil :)
Two stages-no way! I wouldn't have been able to stop.

Terri said...

Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do...and enjoy!