Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pullip Doll....MIR

This is MIR, she arrived this weekend. I have been waiting since April for her. At the time I was excited and willing to wait. I ordered her from "PullipStyle.com" . Well she is very pretty and very delicate. Unlike my boy doll she is very pale and her eyes are a bit bigger. I do love her makeup. 
Do you see the "Dragon" Kanji in her eye? She also has a luck Gem in a pouch on her waist.
Here she is from the back. Her (pretzel) braid clips on. I should have shown you the kickin' red platform boots she has on
Here she is with Sebastian. You can see here her face is a bit wider and her eyes just a bit bigger. I think my guy was happy to see her.
Now for the "bad" news. She arrived stained, and there is a flaw in her leg. I contacted Pullip style and although they state they stand behind the product they are now skirting the issue. It seems Jun Planning went out of business and sold it to another company. No one was notified and they never updated to tell us. Now I guess they figure I am just stuck with inferior product. These dolls are not cheap. The owner feels that collectors are willing to over-look the flaws for these dolls. When I asked for resolution he passed me off to some Japanese web-site. Well I am not taking this lying down. His site clearly says they will represent and arbitrate with the the company. After all they sold it to me. We will see. I know after running Terri around http://terrisbloomingideas.blogspot.com/ , she had to finally put her foot down and let them know she was not going to accept their excuses for not following thru, they finally credited her. I only hope they do as much for me. 
I do plan on reporting them to the BBB and being very vocal about my experience with them, and if necessary seek legal action. Let us hope it gets resolved before it gets that far..


Pretty Things said...

She's WONDERFUL! One of these days I'll have one.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

she is gorgeous. that heart shaped face and i'd almost kill for eyelashes like hers!

how awful about your predicament and i'd definitely be screaming my head off. keep at it. don't take any crap from them at all. and keep us posted.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow Debra, I've never heard of these little dolls but they sure are pretty! And they look VERY expensive too! Sorry to hear you are having bad luck with a stinky seller...it's a headache indeed!
I'll see you on Friday for Karen's party...I can't wait to be so nosey!!!!!!
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Terri said...

Deb, she looks amazing...I can't figure out how they price these dolls out. There is so much detail on this one. One of the ones I was looking at was less detailed and yet more money. She is so beautiful.

It is pretty rotten what they are now doing to you and I'm glad you contacted the BBB. I know I would not have gotten the results I did with out your help. I fear I will be no help to you. But if I can.... just say the word.

Pullip said...

Really gorgeous. I love this amazing doll and just ordered this at PIJ. Hope this will get in a week. Thanks for your fabulous post ♥