Sunday, July 5, 2009

My 4th of July Weekend.

Finding this fellow below "The Infant of Prague" was what turned out to be a part of a great weekend. I was born and raised Catholic. There was a time these icons, as well as statues of the Blessed Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and the Sacred Heart graced Catholic homes all over. Some of the most beautiful statues graced our churches, reminding us always of our faith and those who gave their lives for it . I love these religious symbols and icons. I do not pray to them, but they serve to remind me that I am not alone and that they are there for me. Much like a string one ties around ones finger to remind them. I feel truly blessed when I am lucky enough to find one as beautiful as this. His crown intact, glass eyes in delicately painted chalk-ware. He is not "dressed up" as was the custom in our home. Perhaps his robes faded and fell to disrepair? He has a few nicks but his face is serene and childlike. I just love him. This would have been enough for me, but he turned out to be just the beginning. 
Here is a very sweet porcelain doll I found in a box. Her dress is beautiful and she has glass eyes. When I asked how much and the guy told me, I just had to have her, after all he was practically giving her away. Now to find her a wig, and some shoes.
Isn't this little head/planter (this is a small version only about 3" tall) sweet. She was very inexpensive since her thumb was broke, but she was just so pretty I had to bring her home.
Anyone for a massive cup of coffee? This cup and saucer are huge, the fellow said they were called "Milk and Cookie" cups. I don't know about that, looks like it would take almost a quart of milk, and maybe a whole box of cookies for this baby!
Here is a bad shot of two of the "bird" wall pockets I found. If anyone has been to my home they know how much I love bird figurines. I have collected quite a few of them. I am particular though. I love the "Made in Japan" shiny ones, and the Czech ones.  This weekend I found four!
I put it all together. It was a pleasant surprise to find all these things. I went along expecting to maybe find one or two things. It is always that way for me. When I go on a lark, expecting nothing, I find some very cool things.
Here are some "yummy" things I got for my daughter Kim. She "loves" vintage 70's things (I was young then, and hated all this bright neon hippie stuff? go figure) Anyway you cannot see it but apparently these are from a store close-out. They were marked $35 -$45 each. I bought them "all"for $10.00! I am debating saving them for her birthday next Saturday, but they are so cool I may have to give them to her early. The Orange sweater is short waisted, with a skirt along the bottom. The Green/purple waist jacket just screams Kim (they had a bright orange and yellow which would have been her fist choice, but they did not have her size). The lime green and Tye-dyed blouse will look nice with them. I can say this much about them, you will see her coming.
We went up to Lexington to spend the 4th with Steve's family. I had a chance to see his sister's cottage. They have done a lot of work and it is lovely.( You know it has been too long since you have been there when they keep calling you by the other daughter-in-law's name.)We arrived home just in time for the fireworks downtown. On the way home around 8:30-9:30pm we must have counted 35+ deer out in the fields, along the side of the freeway walking around, all the way home from Lexington to Lake Orion. It was weird seeing them all out walking and grazing casually. They would look up at the cars like it was no big deal. They are so pretty (I was just glad none of them got any ideas about crossing the freeway, or highways in front of a car). 
Well I am beat. Tomorrow it is back to work, not complaining with the economy just grateful to still have some work. Down to three and a half days, but it is something. Went to the fruit stand this morning and bought fresh fruit and veggies, too. Now, off to finish my laundry and think about dinner. 


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

omgoodness girl. i need to shop with you! i used to marvel at the Infant of Prague statue in church. it was always sooooo beautiful! and that head planter with those eyelashes!!!! my MIL had one just like it. hmmm. wonder if she still does!

great finds.


Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend and you found so many treasures! I love everything you got!

Renee said...

Us sisters; absolutely.

I love Jesus. Our house was full of them. Only non Catholics think we worship them. As if, we don't worship them, however we do love them.

The doll is outstanding.

What a collection.

Love Renee xoxo said...

I prefer the infants not dressed up too. Good finds!

And thank you for the nice compliment about the videos.

Pretty Things said...

I love how all my friends find this cool stuff and I just find used Nintendos at tag sales and vintage stores! So I can live vicariously through all your finds!

Beth Leintz said...

You had a good junking weekend!

I love the Infant of Prague statues, and I'll buy when whenever I can find one at a reasonable price. I've never seen an "undecorated" one before- cool!

I have a collection of those rainbow bird wall pockets- just the US ones- its really hard to find the Czech ones.

The Victorian Parlor said...

What wonderful finds! I really like your blog-it's lovely. I collect hand painted porcelain and your earlier post about them is beautiful! How wonderful that you paint china-I would love to see pictures of your work:).

Thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to visiting your blog again soon!